Lakelovers Green Policy

We at Lakelovers would like to use this document to summarise our commitment to good environmental practice. We appreciate there are many ways in which we impact upon the environment in the area in which we operate and we aim to reduce this impact on all levels, throughout our operation and activities.

We ensure our operations meet the requirements in terms of legislation for waste disposal and exercise at a minimum a duty of care when disposing of all our waste.

We have set out a green action plan, which we will undertake in conjunction with on- going staff training, which will emphasis the importance of green issues, environmental awareness and guidance.

We are committed to continuous improvement of our operations in relation to environmental impact, we have already moved and will continue to move towards recycling all waste, alongside responsible energy usage and procurement of products and services that wherever possible are environmentally friendly. We will wherever possible endeavor to prevent pollution from our, and our associates activities.

We will contribute wholly to the environment of the local and wider community, through volunteering and partnerships with environmentally responsible organisations. We will also seek to inform our guests and our owners of the importance of respecting the natural environment and be mindful of supporting the local economy.
We will be aware of the conservation of the natural environment around us, and contribute to the protection and encouragement of flora, fauna and habitats.

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