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29th January 2013

Four Foreign Holidays and their Lake District Alternatives

Foreign locales vs the Lake District

In Britain, people often complain that the weather isn’t nice enough to enjoy a holiday, and you’re better off going overseas for a bit of sun. However at Lakelovers, we’re inclined not to agree, and think that our British Isles make a perfect holiday destination.

Sailing across an equatorial sea on a luxury cruise liner

Cruise across Lake Windermere instead. This cruise ship may not serve five star meals, but it will take you along the longest lake in the Lake District, with some of the most glorious views. Forget about tropical fish and cocktails, and instead learn about why Windermere isn’t technically a lake, and that ice cream is delicious even when it’s cold.
Staying in a five star hotel.

Why pay for a passport and the cost of a flight to go to a fancy hotel when you can stay in a luxury five star cottage right here in the Lake District? With elegance, style and sophistication, the only thing missing is the sniffy concierge. We even have a selection of dog-friendly cottages, and we’d much rather bring Rex along than spend the weekend tipping a gent in a posh suit.

An African safari with exotic animals

There are multiple wildlife centres across the Lake District, with some truly spectacular animals in them. From snow leopards to lions, rhinos to lemurs, you can see all the wild animals you could want, and have a cuppa in the gift shop before leaving!

Camping in Europe

When there is such a wide selection of self-catering cottages in the Lake District, we’re not sure why the tent hasn’t gone out of style yet. When you give the choice between clean, comfortable, cosy cottages, and damp, soggy, cramped tents, we know where we’d rather stay. With the idyllic locations of many of our cottages, you won’t be missing out on getting in touch with nature.
So, whatever type of holiday you love, there’s an option in the heart of the lakes for you. Get started by choosing a cottage in the Lakes now.