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One of the most ordered cocktails in the world, the first-ever recipe for a mojito appeared in 1833, it’s been a firm favourite ever since, transporting you to distant Caribbean shores with one sip.

The recipe is important, but the real secret is how you muddle the ingredients of this classic rum cocktail.

Simon Rogan has shared with us how to perfect this cocktail for you to make at home or from your holiday cottage in the Lakes!

Our Farm Mojito


2 spoons of Demerara sugar
10 mint leaves
15 gooseberries
50ml rum (Smith & Cross Overproof Rum or similar)
Soda water


Baby mint leaves
2-3 gooseberries


1 bar spoon (long spoon will do)
1 highball glass
1 muddler (or the end of a rolling pin)
1 straw


1. Add the sugar, mint and gooseberries to a highball glass, muddle everything together just enough to extract the flavour of the mint and gooseberry (if you do not want gooseberry flesh in your drink you can crush them separately then using a sieve strain off the juice and add to the glass).

2. Add the rum and stir well. 

3. Add the ice stir once more.

4. Finish with a splash of soda water. 

5. Garnish and enjoy