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So what is a complaint?

Rachael says ‘Complaints are an unavoidable part of dealing with the public. With the rise of social media and the damage that can be done to ones property reputation, they are always best handled with care. Holidaymakers complain for many different reasons and some can be dealt with quickly as guests can make incorrect assumptions or have unrealistic expectations but occasionally real problems do arise. At Lakelovers we are happy to deal with the ‘smaller’ complaints without involving you but sometimes this is not possible.’

How can we deal with them?Customer Services Team

Properties managed by Lakelovers and cleaned by Lakelovers housekeeping team can often be straightforward to resolve; a quick telephone call to you for the go ahead to repair or replace something is usually the key to resolving matters. If the property is owner managed then we have to make contact with you, to make you aware of the issues. Timing here is crucial. Whilst the majority of guests are reasonably patient, if there is an emergency and there is no response that’s when things can start to be frustrating for others and this can often be the point at which guests start to complain. Speed of response is the key to good outcomes.

Here’s Rachael again…

‘Often a bad experience can be turned around by an acknowledgement that there is a problem and that the holidaymakers experience was affected. When we have been able to respond quickly with a solution that demonstrates that their concerns have been listened to, we have received positive feedback from the holidaymakers involved’ ‘ we are happy to acknowledge if the mistake lies with ourselves but there are times when we need your goodwill and input.’

There are many different solutions to offer but we treat complaints on a case by case basis. Solutions don’t always involve financial recompense and options are limitless depending on what the guest is seeking to put things right. And this is the key. Some guests may just want to air their complaint and improve things for future guests and others may feel that due to more serious issues such as lack of hot water or no heating that their holiday has been compromised and that a partial refund is relevant. Other options can include vouchers to use against future bookings or even a bottle of wine to enjoy with an evening meal can make a guest feel important and a valued customer.

Again Rachael says…

When we contact you with a suggested solution (which sometimes involves offering a refund) it is down to our vast experience, that certain options are proposed. We ask that you engage in the needed discussion so that we are left in the best position to turn a ‘negative into a positive ‘experience for all.’

In summary all complaints are helpful to us. And we need to make the best of the situation.  Even if you as the property owner feel there is little foundation to a complaint we all need to work together to resolve matters in the most appropriate way. We always seek a ‘win win’ situation.

See below feedback from some successful outcomes:

Happy Holiday maker no.1:

“Many thanks for this. After the problems we had at the start of the week, we did indeed have a great holiday and really loved the house.
We all make the odd genuine mistake here and there despite very best intentions. I was happy with the way the situation was dealt with which is always the most important thing when something goes wrong!”
Please pass on our thanks to the owner for a very enjoyable stay and also for the offer of compensation which I think is very fair way of completely closing off the matter. It doesn’t go un-noticed that this offer was pro-actively made by the owner which also demonstrates to me that they took responsibility and sought to correct things themselves which in my mind shows a great degree of empathy and class! Thank you…”

Happy Holiday maker no.2:

“Having just spent a fantastic 10 days at Ruskin House at Low Grove I just wanted to write and thank the team for the letter I received from them this morning apologising for the wifi issues. We did report it admittedly, but in no way were disappointed as it seems the smallest of problems when taking into account what people in Cumbria have had to deal with. The team were excellent and we realised it was a problem that couldn’t be solved so easily near to Christmas. Anyway we lived without the wifi and bought cards and dominoes and probably had a much better holiday for it. Thank you for the cheque we also received it really wasn’t necessary although a lovely gesture, I will be donating the money to the Cumbria flood appeal. Excellent customer service and loved the house, please pass on our comments to The Owner.”

Happy Holiday Maker no.3:

“It is much appreciated and I am very happy with how our complaint has been dealt with, both by yourselves and the owner.”