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Innovative Marketing

Innovative Marketing

Innovative Marketing for your Holiday Cottage

Innovative use of online and offline marketing ensures we present your property in the best possible way to the largest possible audience. Use of relevant images, e-shots, telephonist, website, brochure/supplement etc.

The power of our Brand

By now you will have come across our unique and powerful brand – rich in character and undoubtedly standing out amongst other agencies for all the right reasons. Established in 1977, our brand developed through the years, weathered economic challenges and to this day undergoes regular reviews to ensure that we move with the times. From National advertising and press campaigns, beautiful and tactile brochure and print to our shop premises, staff and fleet of vehicles spread across the most beautiful part of the country, the English Lake District. Our name and brand is synonymous with quality self-catering holidays and reaches out to millions of holidaymakers each year.”

Brochure and Website

Our award winning brochure and website are just the start of how we are dedicated to bringing your property the attention it deserves. We recognise the increasing trend for holidaymakers to search for their dream holiday cottage on line. We have a valuable team of professional Marketeers, Search engine Optimisers and Graphic Designers at our disposal to help maximise our visibility on the web. Our high rankings using various search engines help us secure booking levels over and above many of our competitors. Once we have agreed a letting arrangement with you, your property is immediately uploaded to our website in order to capitalise from the high levels of web traffic we generate. Equally we recognise that many of our Holidaymakers enjoy the experience of browsing our exceptionally creative and tactile annual and bi annual brochures, taking time to select their ideal holiday. From the moment we visit your property we are taking note of its facilities, character and appeal ensuring that these are not lost in translation and are uploaded and presented in the best possible way by our professional copywriter.

Extensive Online Investment

Along with our team of commercial consultants we are constantly working away to improve and maintain our profile and presence on all the major search engines, so that when our customers are searching for holidays in the Lake District and Cumbria you can be sure that we’ll be there. Significant time and investment is allocated each year to ensuring that we capitalise on this growing sector. Our engagement on line doesn’t stop there – Our Social media campaigns have demonstrated a rich source of interest in Lakelovers and ultimately its far reaching capabilities produce results for us all. From competitions and reviews to fun and engaging campaigns, our social media presence further supports our strong brand and desire to engage on a more personal level with all our holidaymakers, past present and future.

E-marketing and Database Mailings

It will be no surprise to you that keeping in touch with our customers is important. They enjoy to receiving news about new properties, special offers, local events and our general activities. We send mail shots out every month throughout the year to our ever growing databases. However we recognise the need for these to be rich and informative in content and for the recipients to have a genuine interest in holidaying in the Lake District. We constantly monitor feedback, review and tailor our activities accordingly. Equally we are emphatic in our approach to new customer and understand as the number of our properties increase from year to year, so does the need to increase the number of new visitors to the area.

National advertising campaigns

Throughout the year we commit to various campaigns using National press, editorial and magazine entries. This is not an inexpensive method but bears fruit year after year. Careful analysing of our results helps us to focus on genuine advertising that produces legitimate interest in Lake District Holidays both nation and worldwide…The Personal touch.
Our call centre is open Monday-Saturday 9.30am to 5.30pm. We know many people like to speak to someone when booking their holiday so we do not underestimate the need for friendly, knowledgeable and personable individuals to be on hand to answer any holiday query from prices to individual characteristics of your property. We have an extremely prominent high street presence both attracting many holidaymakers through our doors often whilst on holiday through other agencies or taking advantage of short break in the area, often on a fact finding mission!

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