A day in the life of Steve Watts - Lakelovers

A day in the life of Steve Watts

So, Steve How long have you worked for Lakelovers?
2 years now. I’m a plumber by trade but have always worked in property maintenance so I have a lot of all round experience

In one sentence how would you describe your role?
• To keep on top of property maintenance issue such as leaks/ blocked toilets/ heating and dealing with emergencies

Describe a typical day?
• We start by checking messages and emails from overnight and any carried over ‘on call’ issues. From this initial check the team allocate the jobs and make any calls to making sure we have everything we need for the day. By 10 am we’re usually out of the office and we’re happy that guests will be ready to accommodate us.
• It does vary of course but typically with a team on average of 3 maintenance technicians we usually tackle about 10 jobs each over the day. On Wednesday and Thursday which are our quieter days we can progress our outstanding smaller none emergency jobs. We can also keep our vans and tools in good order as well as plan our resources for the weekend and busier periods. At our most hectic times, for instance, over the recent Easter period we are on hand to resolve every concern.

What has been your most challenging situation? And how did you and your colleagues resolve it?
• Recently at one of our properties at 9.30pm at night due to a mains water burst and with the cooperation of the owner, we had to construct a temporary water main overnight so that one of our portfolio did not flood. This was exceptional and very challenging but with the help of our valued client, we managed to ensure the property did not flood and that it had mains water until the main drain could be attended to the very next day.

So what’s it like being on call after office hours?
• Mostly OK. I feel really useful and helpful when a Lakelovers guest calls and I can solve a problem for them. Most guests are very appreciative. Of course, it can be daunting but I have to be able to make a decision about the best course of action and be sure that I am doing the best for both owners and guests.  Being on call in the evening is a great service, one that not many of our competitors provide.

What do you most like about your job?
• Solving problems, knowing I have made a difference. Also working for Lakelovers, it’s a great team and I know that my efforts are appreciated by all. Great Christmas party!

What’s the most frustrating thing about your job?
• Small things can delay putting things right – like suppliers being closed and not having the part that is required to make a repair! And sometimes not being able to speak to owners who can give me the go ahead to repair or replace items.

How do you think property owners can help you help them and their guests?
• I would like owners to be reassured that we have their best interests at heart. When assessing maintenance issues we are always aiming to do the best for the property guests and Owners alike. The most helpful thing we can do for everyone is to solve things quickly and having speedy responses from you when we need it can make all the difference. It can save everyone time and trouble in the long run if we get to solve things quickly. Unfortunately customer complaints and compensation claims can occur especially when matters are not attended to in a timely manner.

We love hearing from you especially when all goes well…(just a couple of recent comments from out valued clients)

Happy Owner No.1: “Please accept my grateful thanks for a job well done in preparing the SPINNEY for it’s annual inspection. We retained our 4 stars so I am very pleased. Please forward this to your managers. I could not operate the Spinney without your help since we live too far away. I greatly appreciate the help of your teams.”

Happy Owner No.2: “‘Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Lee and everyone at Lakelovers for sorting out my boiler problem at Blue Hill Park.”

Happy Owner No.3: “Lee got hold of the problem today and sorted it out for me. I’m very relieved and very grateful, so thank you :)’”

Happy Owner No.4: “We were at the cottage yesterday and would like to thank Steven for an excellent repair to the guttering and for letting us know the job was done’”

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