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Why Choose Wi-Fi

Why Choose Wi-Fi

Wi-fi has become one of those services that are vital in the minds of many potential guests – particularly in properties with poor mobile phone signal or no alternative telephone provision – whilst some guests are only too happy to be ‘off grid’ and away from emails and potential thoughts of work! We all know that wi-fi services are variable and can drop out at the most inconvenient times – no doubt when guests are on that vital email… So how do you manage the expectations that guests have about wi-fi services?

Here are some pointers gained from our experience of guest feedback:

Provide an A5 laminated sheet of ‘all you need to know’ about your wi-fi service to be placed in the property information folder.

Manage expectations of your service: In your sheet of information, remind guests that the service is provided for a reasonable amount of data usage (suggesting a weekly data usage limit) and that speed of service may be limited due to location.

Make it clear how to get help in case of faults: Again, in the information you provide about wi-fi (user name, password etc.) tell your guests if there is a way to resolve problems themselves – such as the old favourite of turning the router off and on, or if they can call you for advice. When there are technical faults, you as the owners will need to be prepared to contact your service provider to seek a solution – companies such as BT will only speak to the bill payer on such matters.

Alternative provision: Lakelovers have a small supply of dongles (a device to allow computer to pick up wi-fi from a mobile signal) which can sometimes be used as a ‘sticking plaster’ provision dependant on the location of your property and mobile signal strength. The potential to provide a dongle is assessed on a case by case basis. If no solution to an absence of wi-fi service is available within your property, we suggest you have a list of local hotspots that guests may use; such as pubs of cafes.

Compensation requests: In some cases, compensation may be appropriate for guests who have had limited or no access to wi-fi. Wi-fi is not a core service provision for your property in the same way that heating and water services are; however, as an advertised facility, there will be occasions when some token compensation may be appropriate and we will discuss this with you when alerting you to any problem

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