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A new decade has arrived here in the Lake District this spring. With it comes new experiences to discover, from new views to first walking shoes. For all generations, discover ‘new for you’ in the Lake District this spring.

Yes, spring in the Lake District is for seasoned walkers and first-time strollers. For long strides and four-legged trots. This season, change is afoot in the Lake District, and there is promise of something ‘new for you’.

The cheery faces of daffodils are the harbinger of the spring season as the Lake District landscape wakes from her winter slumber. The native British daffodil, also known affectionately as the Lent Lily, thrives here in the Lake District. Illuminating lake shores and carpeting valley floors, their golden hue is both romantic and charming. Yes, spring is an alluring and uplifting season. Everything about her vies for our attention, making us smile and putting a spring in our step.


Rannerdale Knotts


Every year when spring arrives, the experience of the Lake District’s ancient woodlands waking up from a long winter slumber feels like a new experience. The air is a chatter of birdsong, all made excitable by the longer spring daylight. The fragrance of wild garlic, bluebells, crocus’ and daffodils bursts onto the scene after patiently keeping their beauty in waiting for the last frost to disappear. Courtship dances are in full swing for red squirrels and it is the time to enjoy the rare treat of peregrine falcon mating calls.

The longer days and later sunsets trigger something inside our Lake District guests too; seasoned walkers take on new challenges and goals; longer evenings allow for Wainwright bagging and warmer temperatures give the lakes and tarns an irresistible charm with wild swimming set to be even more popular in 2020.

Spring teaches us that change is beautiful. No other season changes as much. And nowhere else are the signs of spring more visible than here in the Lake District.

Spotting signs of spring is such fun and a great way to wake our bodies up after winter. Little visitors will enjoy having a go at skipping like a lamb; joining a trail to spot the shy red squirrel. Why not play hide-and-seek and fill your baskets on an Easter egg hunt. Geocaching takes us on new adventures and tells of stories unknown. Give the kids a camera to capture their special spring sightings; frogspawn, new green shoots, ducklings and birds’ nests.

Ridge walks and mountain hikes tease seasoned walkers away from New Year’s resolutions and offer a new kind of cleanse, a detox for the soul. The brilliant, blue skies of spring draw us along high ridges, over craggy pikes and to the top of mountain peaks, which are now free from snow revealing new views. Spring is the time for new perspectives.

For re-fueling, spring dining in the Lakes is about an experience, indulging all senses, rather than simply sustenance. It is a season of ‘dug-today spuds’, ‘picked this morning spring greens’ and ‘micro shoots’, packed with tasty goodness. This doesn’t mean we won’t also be enjoying this season’s indulgent side of Afternoon Tea and chocolate egg hunts!


L-R: Lambs at Derwentwater, Glencoyne – Ullswater


The pastoral valleys of the Lake District are hidden gems that truly shine during this the spring season. See the new generation of Herdwick lambs skip in the lowland pastures before they are taken up onto the fells.  Soak up some precious vitamin D on an electric bike ride through damson blossom-filled valleys. The cultivated gardens of castles, stately homes, and National Trust properties at this time of year are rich with the bold blooms of rhododendrons that refreshes the soul like nothing else.

The Lake District is vast in what she has to offer over this changing season, but she is ‘the Alps in miniature’ making the Lakes an ideal holiday choice for trying something new this spring.