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6th June 2013

We love the Lake District, Do you?

The Lake District is synonymous with beauty. Hopefully, it should be easy to tell from our website that everyone here at Lakelovers loves the Lake District. It’s in the name, after all.

The most rewarding thing about letting holiday cottages in the lakes is that we are facilitating others to get the fun and enjoyment and happiness from the lakes as we do. People come here on holiday and see some of the most wonderful things the UK has to offer, from the beauty of Ullswater to the excitement of seeing a snow leopard up close at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis; from the majesty of a 12th Century priory in stunning Cartmel, to the simple pleasure of a picnic with friends and family on the green lake shores of Grasmere, or the idyllic seclusion of Hawkshead. When we get feedback from visitors who have enjoyed themselves and can’t wait for their next visit, it sends us over the moon – jumping for joy like excited spring lambs frolicking in a field. We love every thank-you note, photo, post card, email and carrier pigeon we receive from happy holiday goers. Some people turn into shutterbugs when they get their hands on a camera, and they love to capture every moment, whether it’s someone chowing down on a delicious meal, a gorgeous sunset over a lake, or a haphazard group shot taken with the timer. Compiling these collections of photos and video snippets into montage videos is a perfect way to showcase a great holiday. They can be given cool effects, a soundtrack, uploaded to YouTube, shared across whichever social media sites you use – no longer do the treasured memories of a fantastic week away sit in a box gathering dust.

So by that token, here’s a video created by Zachary Flynn when he and some friends stayed in one of our cottages near Windermere. The group of friends had the get-together before summer plans made them too busy. We think that’s a great idea, or even during the summer when groups of friends are reunited after nine months spread across the country, studying at university. Whatever the reason, Lakelovers will have a high quality cottage in the Lake District which will be perfect for you.

Enjoy your summer time, and enjoy the video.

As we said, we really do love hearing from you and seeing the pictures and videos you send, and reading the stories you tell. If you fancy the chance of your media being featured on our blog, just get in touch ([email protected]) and send your stuff our way. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that we’ll respond to every message we get but we can promise to do our best.