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The Lake District, a perfect place for walking and hiking.

But, do you ever think about the damage your footsteps do to the treasured Lakes landscape?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many don’t and we definitely don’t want people to stop getting out on the fells.Protect the Lake District

Carry on walking and carry on enjoying this beautiful part of the world.

But, there are little things you can do to help preserve the picturesque pathways of the fells.

As part of our 40th year in business, we have teamed up with Fix The Fells .

Their volunteers work to protect paths from erosion by maintaining and repairing them.

We will help them to maintain 40 paths around the Lake District.

We will do this by raising vital funds and give staff and guests the opportunity to “muck in” to help them repair popular upland footpaths in the Lake District.

Fixing The Fells

There’s more than 15.8 million people visiting the Lake District every year. And, with 87 per cent of these heading out for walks to enjoy the spectacular scenery – it takes its toll on the picturesque pathways.

So, at Lakelovers, we want to help preserve them for generations to come.

“Since the 1990s, it was clear to see that path erosion was becoming a serious issue in the Lake District,” says Paul Liddell, managing director of Lakelovers.

“It is wonderful that visitor numbers to the Lake District are significantly increasing. And, we want our 60,000 guests each year to go out and enjoy the outstanding outdoor activities this beautiful part of the world has to offer. But with millions of feet striding across it every year, the landscape is irrevocably damaged.

self-catering lake district holiday cottages“So, we want to help Fix the Fells. We will do this by providing holidaymakers the opportunity to donate to Fix the Fells. The money raised will fund designated rangers within the National Trust to work on the uplands.

“And,  our staff and guests will have the opportunity to volunteer too.

“We hope to raise awareness and provide tourists with a greater understanding of the environmental impact that they have on the fells.

“If everyone can do even a little bit, whether donate some money to the cause, or muck in and help volunteer for a few hours, it will help to preserve the picturesque and spectacular Lake District paths for generations to come.”

Working to Preserve Pathways

Fix the Fells is a partnership project between the Lake District National Park, National Trust, Natural England, the Lake District Foundation and Friends of the Lake District.

It works to maintain and repair upland paths suffering from erosion caused by hikers to preserve the stunning beauty of the Lake District’s mountains.

It has already repaired 200 paths and has 268 paths identified for repair work, maintenance or monitoring.

Lakelovers is looking forward to helping the organisation to fix 40 more.

Love The Lakes

If you love the fells, then how about a holiday in the Lake District filled with days exploring the countryside?

We have more than 450 self-catering homes from the foot of the fells to lake shores and bustling towns.

The Lake District is a great place to explore with your dog and so we have more than 170 pet-friendly properties too.

So, why not call us on 015394-88855.