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Hi, my name is Dolly and thought I would give you a little insight into how I am spending my time in isolation. The upside is, the fields and hills are so quiet when I go out for my daily walk so I have more space to run around. My human is home ALL the time and I get tummy rubs nearly all day and my daily treats have increased. On the downside I  can’t sneak upstairs and lie on the bed in the sun for some reason, I get told to get down?!

Thursday, 30th April 2020

Today I have been making the most of the empty woodland. It’s a lovely round trip from our house, we walked down to Bowness and then back up through Sheriff’s Wood. We didn’t see a single person which is so rare. There is a river that runs through the woodland with lots of different pools and access points. I love paddling in them and cooling off when the weather is hot.

I hope the weekend brings more sunshine and walks with my human.

Saturday, 2nd May 2020

Today I went on a lovely long walk from my house over the fields towards Crook and along the side of the Golf Course, back through the fields and woodlands and back again. There are plenty of streams and tarns on this walk so I’m able to stop for frequent drinks and paddles in the water. We were sure to stick to the designated footpaths as per the farmer’s request at this time.

Sheriff's Wood Windermere

Sunday, 3rd May 2020

It’s a bit too hot for me today and I’m super tired from my 3 mile walk yesterday so today I ‘assisted’ in making a cake, although my human says it’s too good for little dogs, so I don’t know how yummy it is. My human mowed the lawn too so I got to do some sunbathing!


Friday, 24th April 2020

On Friday we walked down into Bowness. It is so strange to see the village so quiet, I have never seen it like this, I’ve only passed 2 other people and a couple of cars. I had Glebe road and the Glebe all to myself with the exception of a couple of other people and their dogs in the distance. It was so strange to walk along the lakeshore and not see a single boat out on the water. 

The blossom trees are out in full bloom at the moment and look beautiful so on the upside I was able to enjoy 5 mins or so under the trees and listen to the birds.

Saturday, 25th April 2020

It’s super hot today! I have been really helpful around the house. It was a bit too hot for me to go very far so I spent the day in the garden helping get rid of all the weeds.

Sunday, 26th April 2020

We’ve had more walks and adventures today! All the lambs are out in the fields, this one looks like he has a black heart on his wool, or is that just me? My human always makes sure I’m kept on my lead around the lambs and livestock so I don’t scare them.

We covered a 5-mile loop from our home in Windermere, over School Kott down towards Crook and back round. Fresh air and exercise is definitely needed at a time like this, it can do wonders for your mental health and wellbeing. 

Monday, 27th April 2020

My human is back to working from home today, so I’m patiently waiting for 17:30. I’ve found a nice sunny spot in the living room – so this is me for the rest of the afternoon.