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Find a River or Outdoor Swimming Pool in the Lake District and Cool-Off

Couples, beware. Your wedding bands may fall off when wild swimming.

It’s a known fact that swimming in cold water burns more calories than exercising in swimming pool temperature water, which is generally warmed to body temperature.

A dip in cold water, which remember will feel colder the hotter your body feels, will give you such a super buzz! So, remember to take precious rings off as well as your watch before taking the plunge.

Stay Safe!

Wild swimming can be fun but it can also be dangerous so always make sure there is at least one other person with you to supervise and to help if need be   If you are new to wild swimming, be aware of your limits and stay close to the river bank.  Cold water does make you less buoyant so wear a life jacket if necessary, build up your experience slowly and always behave sensibly around and in water.  There are huge benefits to wild swimming including better circulation, a boosted immune system and a slim figure so don’t let the dangers put you off, go ahead and enjoy!

Here are some popular wild river swimming spots away from the lakes, in and around our Lake District cottages.

Central Lake District

  • Buckstones Jum, Rydal at Ambleside (donation for the car park at St Mary’s Church)
  • Elter Water lake, at Ambleside
  • Kail Pot (shallower and sunnier) & Tongue Pott (good for jumping), Eskdale

Buckstone Jun, Rydal

Elter Water, Ambleside

Tongue Pot, Eskdale

North Lake District

  • Fairy Glen & Black Moss Pot (Galleny Force & Smithymire Island) Langstrath Beck, Stonethwaite, Borrowdale Valley, Keswick
  • For holidaymakers staying in our Pooley Bridge cottages enjoy a trip to Askham outdoor swimming pool
  • Kailpot Crag, Ullswater

Fairy Glen, Langstrath Beck

Askham outdoor swimming pool, Pooley Bridge

South Lake District

  • Fell Foot, Windermere
  • Millerground Landing, Windermere
  • Lakeside YMCA at Finsthwaite, Windermere
  • Knappin Tree at Torver Common, Coniston
  • Birks Bridge and Ulpha Common, Duddon Valley .

Birks Bridge and the River Duddon, Ulpha .