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Spring is one of the most wonderful times of year. As the days get longer and the sun gets brighter, flowers begin to bloom, colour comes back to the trees and the grass, and all the wildlife leaps back into action. It’s hard to find a place that shows off the emergence of Spring time like the Lake District, and that’s why it’s the perfect place to spend Easter with your friends and families, or even by yourself if you need some isolated alone time.

If you take a cruise on one of the lakes this Easter, you’ll be amazed by the purity of the water reflecting the clear blue skies, and the vividness of the flowers blossoming all along the lake shore. If you’re more inclined to go hiking, the views from the hillsides are spectacular, overlooking lakes and villages as clouds give way to the distant horizon. Time it right and you might be able to see the sun set behind the hills, or over the sea if you’re close enough.

Easter opens up so much activity as well. In celebration of the season, you’ll find the World of Beatrix Potter Museum holds an Easter egg hunt, on the 16th April this year, perfect for the little ones and for exploring the local area. Visit some local history at Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage, or in one of the nearby castles. As the weather starts to get warmer you’ll want to find more outdoor activities, such as Sam Sykes’ Adventure Time, and you can enjoy picnics in the countryside, taking in the fresh air while you eat.

Wordsworth daffodils Quote

Eating in the fresh air also becomes an option in many pubs, cafés and restaurants, where you can watch the world pass you by as you stop for a bite to eat and something refreshing to drink before you go on your way to find more of the beauty that the Lake District has to offer, or perhaps after a busy day of exploration and fun.

With so much going on, and so much beauty to be seen, there’s no better place to spend your Easter break than in the Lake District with Lakelovers. Browse our range of Easter cottages and book today.