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BBC One Preview Screening and In Conversation with Paul Rose … at The Brewery Arts Centre

This picture is not the face of famous TV presenter Paul Rose, but one of our local Lake District hero’s, helping visitors enjoy Coniston Water – the centre of adventure in the Lake District.

Back to Paul Rose and his visit to Kendal with the BBC tonight.

A wolf bites at the helmet of TV explorer, Paul Rose, in a captivating image on his Twitter profile. He has a mountain named after him in Antarctica. And Rose is quoted once as having said: “He’s determined to take a bit out of my leg”, about a pair of mating giant turtles he came across in the Seychelles, whilst filming for the National Geographic.

Paul Rose, who has made the Lake District his home for the last 20 years, is the Lake District’s very own Bear Grylls. 

He puts himself at the forefront of exploration and geographical challenges and tonight goes head-to-head at the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, with BBC presenter Caz Graham for a BBC One preview screening of The Lakes with Paul Rose.

Paul Rose, the Lake District’s very own Bear Grylls.

Paul Rose Tells Stories from the Lake District

Once the World Cup and Wimbledon fever is over, we will be tuning in to the four-part Lake District documentary series starting on Friday 20th July at 7:30pm on BBC One, to enjoy some of the fascinating Lake District stories unearthed by Rose and his BBC research team.  

Episode One is in and around Windermere and then on to the Old Man of Coniston for the second episode.

People have been escaping to hideaways in the Lake District since the early 19th century, for many different reasons.

We want to hear the story about a mercy mission involving 300 orphans after the Second World War. Rose meets with one such Holocaust survivor who, in 1945, was airlifted to Windermere, as part of this mission.

The Expedition Leader for the National Geographic Pristine Seas Expeditions also takes his film crew to his familiar territory, below water where he plunges into the world of long-distance swimming in Lake Windermere. Above water, he chats to our friends working on Windermere Lake Cruises.

Voices From Lakes World Heritage

Here is a collection of words celebrating the Lake District and our responsability as World Heritage holders.

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, International fashion designer 

I think Beatrix Potter was a true amazing artist. I was really glad to find that the whole scenery corresponded with the whole feeling that I’d got from reading those little books.

MARIA WHITEHEAD, MBE, founder Hawkshead Relish Company Ltd, based in Hawkshead, Cumbria

Conservation is essential to make sure that future generations experience and see the beauty that is the Lake District, but that does not mean it should be preserved in aspic, it should be a living breathing community, a place where business, and families can live, work and play.

BARRIE ROBERTS, Director at Ennerdale Brewery in Cumbria

I sleep with my wife every night, breath fresh air in from the moment we awake, we eat locally bred lamb and beef off the fells; drink tap water that is collected not 2 miles from our house, and drink my own beer in our community run pub just round the corner. What more could a man want!!

DIANE HANNAH, Co-founder and Director of the Herdy Company

Conservation here should be about preserving the beauty of the place, but allowing it to develop and move on – it’s not just about wild landscapes.

RYAN BLACKBURN, Owner of The Old Stamp House restaurant in Ambleside.

Cumbria has the most fascinating food heritage thanks to its people and its landscape. In particular, Whitehaven opened up the world for Cumbria, and the spice trade, giving Cumbria its own unique style of food: hence things like Grasmere Gingerbread, Cumberland Rum Nicky and Westmorland Pepper Bread.

Fancy a detour to explore our Windermere Cottages or Coniston Cottages collections?

Talking about World Heritage Status

A year into the Lake District’s successful World Heritage Status bid, we are excited that the blockbuster cameras of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Sony’s Peter Rabbit have gone and we can sit back and enjoy some real-life stories of the people who live and work in the Lake District all year round, making it the most welcoming place to visit in the UK.

Please Visit Again

Here at Lakelovers we have over 100 super local folk working to provide the best Lake District cottage holiday experience for our guests. We partner up with other local business too, to offer discounts of top attractions with our Lakelovers Recommends Card. One year on from achieving World Heritage Status it is nice to remember our responsibilities – to preserve this precious landscape for generations to come. Recently we have been involved in supporting Friends of the Lake District and we also sponsor Lake District Mountain Rescue Dog Search Association, which you can donate too via our bookings page. Keep a look on our blog for more information on our Community Work

As well Cumbria’s famous hospitality, there are the jaw-dropping views from Skiddaw and the tranquillity of the western Lakes; world-famous Grasmere Gingerbread and Cartmel’s Sticky Toffee Pudding; Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth. So many reasons to love the Lake District and to stay here longer to eek out all of her pleasures.   

Before we leave you on this blog post, it is worth knowing that many of our cottages now offer the flexibility of short breaks, which are ideal for if you feel it is difficult to plan a long holiday in the Lake District, but are determined not to miss out.  

For those who have tickets, enjoy the preview screening and talk tonight with Mr Rose, who we’re sure will be pleased to be back in his home country. And we look forward to the series coming soon.

Finally, here’s a link to our Cottages that are scattered between Bowness and Windermere, with easy access to Kendal and The Brewery Arts Centre who are the hosts tonight.

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The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal