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Are you looking for a way to increase bookings for your holiday cottage? Have you considered offering Short Breaks?

Short Break letting offers guests a wider range of flexibility around dates they can travel and also offers the ability for quick ‘mini-breaks’. By offering short breaks, you could potentially generate more income and fill up those small gaps in your calendar.

The Benefits of Short Breaks

You can maximise your calendar – If you’re looking for a filled calendar, offering short breaks is a good way to fill up those pesky mid week gaps between bookings.

Offer flexibility – Lots of guests don’t have the ability to travel for an extended period of time. A wide portion of the market includes guests looking for mini staycations, by offering short breaks you are able to cater to this market.

Reach more guests – Offering short breaks can open your cottage to a new range of guests. Your target market will expand and your property will be shown to more people who are looking for mini breaks in addition to longer stays. This would give your cottage more visibility and potentially result in more bookings.


The Dairy at Brackenthwaite Holidays


Short Breaks Types


During the peak months of the year, including Summer many people opt to go for multiple short breaks opposed to one longer holiday. This allows people to make the most of Summer in the UK by travelling to a variety of places.  Our research shows that during these months, 2 out of 5 people search for short breaks, that’s more than 7.5 million searches annually.

Last Minute

Some of our guests may be looking for last minute getaways. A large factor that affects last minute getaways is the weather. If we are forecaste a (rare) spell of warm sunny weather for a few days, people will want to get away for those days and make the most of the weather.  Due to this, it can be very helpful for guests to provide last minute short break stays at your cottage.


The Winter months can be ideal for those looking for a short break getaway. It gives guests the chance to have a holiday and explore a new area but due to shorter daylight hours and unpredictable weather, most guests prefer a shorter break in these months. 6 in 10 of all searches for the Winter months of January, February, March, November & December (excluding Christmas, New Year, and school half terms) were for short breaks.

Off Season

Short breaks remain popular for many guests even during the quieter months of April, June, September & October (excluding Easter and half terms). According to our data, over 2 out of every 5 people searched for Short Breaks for these months.


The Badgers Shack


Moving forward:

Short breaks can be an excellent way to get more bookings and also attract new guests. Your property will be more visible to a different type of guest who looks for short breaks.  It is a good way to generate more income but there’s a few things to keep in mind.

Costs may rise due to the increase in demand but in the long term, you should notice an improvement in income and be able to recuperate any costs you may experience. To support you, you do have the option to use our Income Maximisation Tool, to help you set the best letting price for your property.

Want more advice? Get in touch with our local team.

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