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Fix the Fells

Fix the Fells

Who are Fix the Fells?

The Lake District fells are a walkers’ paradise, attracting millions of visitors annually. But erosion from hikers’ boots is causing ugly scars, deep gullies and habitat loss in the fragile mountains. The environmental impact on endangered plant and animal life is deeply worrying, while the timeless beauty of the Lake District is at risk of being spoilt for future generations.

Fix the Fells has teams of rangers and over 100 volunteers who repair 200 paths a year by pitching paths, clearing drains and re-landscaping vegetation. This work protects the Lake District’s spectacular mountains from erosion and ensures everyone in society can enjoy the mountains.

Where does Lakelovers come in?

As part of our 40th Birthday celebrations we are doing our best to help the local communities as much as possible; after all our Lake District Cottages would be absolutely nothing without the breathtaking settings that are home to them! We are aiming to raise £4,000 to help Fix the Fells maintain 40 Lake-District paths this year.

The staff, between them, will be walking 40 Wainrights to raise money.


Take a look below at the map of paths we will be helping to maintain:





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