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Sneak a Peek


About Sneak-A-Peek

Sneak-A-Peek specialise in 3D, Virtual tours.

Blow prospective guests away with a 3D walkthrough of your property.

How it works


Labels & ‘Mattertags’

You can not only create a virtual walkthrough for your future guests; you can also add labels to key attributes that you feel they would be interested in, like luxury extras, or unique selling points.

Schematic FloorPlans

Sneek-A-Peak can easily generate black and white floor plans directly from your Matterport walkthrough. This is great for more traditional clients- giving you the added benefit of tailored marketing for every potential guest.

VR Ready!

Wow! Your potential clients can walk through your property with VR Glasses to make the experience even more realistic!

Find out more

For more information, and a pricing breakdown, get in touch with our Owner Relationship team: 015394 88858  [email protected]

wheres woolly

All you have to do to enter the competition is have a look around the Virtual property Tour

HERE and find Woolly the Sheep, then let us know where he is hiding to be in with a chance of winning:

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