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Hawkshead Relish

Hawkshead Relish

Relish in Hawkshead!

A true taste of the Lake District with 10% for all LAKE LOVERS which can be later shared

The award winning Hawkshead Relish Company provide a truly Cumbrian gastronomic experience at the namesake shop situated in the picturesque village square of Hawkshead, nestled between Ambleside and Coniston. It is an emporium to all the handmade culinary creations which have established this renowned company to be at the forefront of regional specialty cuisine and earned a discerning following from celebrity chefs to members of the Royal family.

To say this traditional 16th Lakeland building is jam-packed would definitely be an understatement for there are over 100 artisan preserves which include innovative chutneys, jellies, sauces and mustards all competing for prevalence alongside the distinguished jams and marmalades. Traditional Lakeland recipes dating to the 18th Century utilise the exotic fruits and spices that found their way to the remote farmsteads from the Caribbean trade ships docking at Whitehaven. Westmorland Chutney incorporating succulent dates, fresh ginger and spices is today’s quintessential ploughman’s pickle whilst the sailors sustenance, Rum; creates the Cumbrian Rum Butter, much preferred by Northerners to its Brandy equivalent.



The essence of Hawkshead Relish is also equated to their skill in producing innovative culinary creations; Nettle Jelly certainly adds a taste tingle to lamb or pork whilst a Cheeky Chilli Salsa lavishes Latino liveliness to a social feast. With over 40 Great Taste award winners adorning this impressive range all laid out to sample; this little shop is an essential stop off and certainly one which will inspire your culinary creativeness with a souvenir to savour. A Hawkshead Relish creation will ensure you long continue to relish your visit to Hawkshead!

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