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Winter is coming. Before we know it there will be a chill in the air, and snow on the fells.  A lovely time in the Lakes, but to continue driving your bookings all year round it’s always good to have a checklist of what needs doing before winter sets in.

1. Check your heating:

During the winter months the number one complaint we have is the house was cold on arrival or the heating does not work. We understand that breakdowns occur, but regular yearly maintenance of your systems should help reduce the chances of a breakdown.

By law you are required to have your gas appliances checked every 10-12 months, if these aren’t up to date, then it can be illegal to let the property.

The quieter months are an ideal time to get your systems checked so that they are ready for winter when they are needed the most and are ready for the year ahead.

2. Leave the heating on for when guests arrive

or purchase a home heating kit such as Hive where you can control the heating remotely.  A nice warm welcome is the perfect way to start a holiday, especially on a cold, winters evening!  Why not consider keeping  it on a timer too, so the house stays warm even when empty, and of course this reduces the risk of pipes freezing and damp forming in the property.

3. Compliance:

Ensuring your public liability insurance, fire risk assessments and all electrical and gas safety compliances are up to date is very important.  Make yourself a note in your diary each year when this is due.

4. Gardens & Exterior:

Step back from your property and have a good look at how it appears to a new guest.  Give the windows a good clean, along with a power wash of the exterior paintwork and driveway.  Sort out the garden furniture, clean it down and keep it dry and covered over for use if needed, or for storage if weather is poor.    Clear the gutters of foliage to avoid blockages and leaks. They also look a lot nicer too!

5. General Maintenance:

With winter months generally being quieter, take time to consider what maintenance work needs doing following a busy holiday season, perhaps some paint touch-ups are needed, even re-decorating a room, or power-washing of the outside areas, or an upgrade of appliances, furniture or bed linen is needed.

6. Deep Clean:

A thorough deep clean is essential at least once or twice a year, especially for kitchen appliances such as oven, fridge & freezer, windows, and paintwork. Make a note for a good time to book this in.

7. Fireplaces:

We’d recommend you get chimneys swept and flues looked at and any servicing required done during the summer, when they are not needed.  Then they’ll be in perfect working order for your autumn and winter guests to snuggle up and get cosy!

8. Welcome pack & Supplies:

Ensure you leave an initial supply of logs/fuel, and perhaps a welcome pack on a winter’s evening – some bread, milk, juice or a cake and even some wine will make visitors feel welcome on a dark evening.  Also ensure you leave instructions for appliances, WIFI code etc all up to date.

9.  Photography:

If anything has changed, ensure you take (or ask us to) some up to date photos, so guests know what they are booking and your property looks refreshed and welcoming.


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